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ShrinkSafe Systems LLC, a privately held, limited liability company was founded in 2002 by a hospital pharmacist, to provide hospitals and surgical centers innovative ways to differentiate and readily identify various high alert medications for the safety of their patients.
Our first product is the ShrinkSafe ID Band ?ovel, patented, and proprietary heat shrinkable plastic band specific to high-risk medications. The first in a series of ShrinkSafe ID Bands will be used to distinguish neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA) from other look-alike, sound-alike medications. This band not only readily identifies the product as a paralytic, but forces the user to break an additional seal before gaining access to the product. It is believed this additional safety step will be instrumental in preventing serious life-threatening medication events.

ShrinkSafe Systems LLC?ssion is to protect hospitalized patients from medication errors. To that end, we pledge to be a quality supplier of cost-effective medication safety solutions aimed at reducing risks associated with medication administration.